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This is How You get Your Electric Fence through the Summer

As with many other situations in life, the saying that „one man`s joy is another man`s sorrow“ is also true when it comes to the weather. Especially...

0 Comments / 28. June 2017

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Conductive Materials for the Electric Fence — Part 1: The Polytape

One of the most important decisions when designing a pasture fence is the choice of the suitable conductive material. You can choose between Polyrope,...

0 Comments / 25. April 2017

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How to Fill the Dry Battery of your Electric Fence Energizer

One integral part of maintaining your electric fence is, of course, the maintenance of the associated battery. Before we explain how acid batteries are...

0 Comments / 04. April 2017

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Electric Fence Conductivity Material Shootout!

When discussing the performance of electric fences, one of the most important factors to take into account is the conductive material used within the...

0 Comments / 27. February 2017

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4 Wonderful apps for the modern livestock farmer

As the saying goes, “There’s an App for that.” Apps are everywhere. With over 2 million apps available for both Android and iPhone, it is hard to find...

0 Comments / 16. February 2017

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Considering an AGM Battery? Advantages Abound!

Advances in battery technology have lead to better products in countless areas of business, including electric fencing. These advances have also lead...

0 Comments / 03. February 2017

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How Much Power Does Your Charger Need?

The power of your charger will largely depend on the job required. Fence size, animal type and vegetation growth are all things that should be kept in...

0 Comments / 27. January 2017

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How you build a reliable electric fence

For your animals` safety and health, a well-functioning electrical fence is a prerequisite. All components must be carefully coordinated with each...

0 Comments / 20. January 2017


Electric Fencing for Sheep and Lambs

It is that time of year again, lambing season. If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of new lambs, this also means you are probably busy setting up...

0 Comments / 06. January 2017

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Annual accounts for livestock owners - livestock reports

The year is over, the holidays as well ... so, we livestock owners just have to finish 2016 with the tasks of checking our fences and making them ...

0 Comments / 30. December 2016