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Electric Fence Equipment - 6 Products that Make Your Life Easier

In this blogpost, we present several clever products of electric fence equipment, which will make your life as an electric fence owner easier:

0 Comments / 30. October 2017

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How Does an Electric Fence Work?

Nowadays, nearly everyone who keeps pasture animals naturally uses an electric fence.

0 Comments / 18. October 2017

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electric Fence GROUNDING

An electric fence works because the animals receive an unpleasant but harmless electric shock when touching the conductive material. This only happens...

0 Comments / 11. October 2017

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Electric Fence Posts and Insulators - an Overview

An electric fence is made of more than just conductive matieral, and it is the sum of all parts that can create a well-functioning fence... or not....

0 Comments / 22. September 2017

Wild Animal Deterrence

The Electric Fence for Wild Animal Deterrence Part 3 - Deterrence of Fox and Badger

Not only deer, boar and wolf cause considerable damage to farmers. Also smaller wild animals can be equally destructive to fields and livestock. In...

1 Comment / 18. August 2017

Wild Animal Deterrent

The Electric Fence for Wild Animal Deterrence: Part 1 - Deterrence of Red Deer, Fallow Deer and Wild Boars

Preventing wildlife damage on agricultural land is an ongoing issue. Red and fallow deer cause feeding and treading damage to field crops, and the...

0 Comments / 03. August 2017

Wild Animal Deterrence

The Electric Fence for Wild Animal Deterrence Part 2 - Deterrence of Wolves

For about 150 years, wolves have been distinct in our region. But since 2000, more and more wolves are living in the wilds of Germany again....

0 Comments / 03. August 2017

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The Advantages of Litzclip Fence Connectors

Fence connectors are used where two ends of the conductor material are to be connected with one another. Be it in the construction of an electric fence...

0 Comments / 17. July 2017

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This is How You get Your Electric Fence through the Summer

As with many other situations in life, the saying that „one man`s joy is another man`s sorrow“ is also true when it comes to the weather. Especially...

0 Comments / 28. June 2017

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Repairing your Electric Fence — Checklist for Troubleshooting

Despite the careful construction of an electric fence, there are always situations where we have to repair something on the fence.

0 Comments / 21. June 2017